Cases resistentes a manchas e repelentes a líquidos


Cases, bags, vests, shoulder straps and covers for Sony and Ikegami cameras, Cartoni, Vinten and Sachtler trpods, Canon and Fujinin lens, cables, accessories, monitors, Sun Gun batteries, charges, Butterflies fabric. All the products cam personalized with your company brand.

The Ez Grip® Brasil products are developed with CORDURA® 500 INVISTA, a high performance fabric resistant to abrasions, tears and scuffs. CORDURA® is 10x more durable than cotton duck, 3x more durable than standard polyester and 2x more durable than standard nylon.

Ez Grip® cases quality standards are international, from the internal compartments system to the external pockets and finishing. All materials used have high quality: antilope leather, neoprene, durapack, EVA, IKK® velcros and zippers, galvanized aluminium and iron structures/skeletons, shaped wood.

Ez Grip® camera cases have the perfect size to be transported as hand lugagge on airplanes. Projector cases have special compartments for notebooks. All sof-cases have removable and adaptable compartments. You can choose to carry tha cases with manual handler or with shoulder straps.

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