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  • Ez Grip® suitcases are fabricated for more than 15 years. They are hand made excellent special suitcases with high quality standard, with 1-year guarantee.

  • Ez Grip® soft cases are tested and aproved by all major Brazilian broadcasting stations.

  • Security measures: put the two zip lathes together and fix them with your lock in the rings found at the side of your suitcase to guarantee its inviolabihity. Be attent to general conditions in which the suitcase is discharged on conveyor. The airways companies have their proper demands to reemborse Losses and damage or eventual crack.

  • Permanent technical assistance: the suitcase will be immediately repaired from the moment it is delivered in the factory, duly identified with internal label. It will have guarantee cover against fabrication defects, related to bad functioning or break until 1 year from purchase of some of its original components.

  • Suitcases not repaired in the factory lose their guarantee validity and will be delivered Back without repair by EZ GRIP® quality Control.





  • Ez Grip® products are guaranteed for 1 year against fabrication defects .

  • No coverage against damage provoked by accidents, misconservation, or erosion of time use. Repairs can be made charging rates antecipatedly submitted to client´s approval.

  • Repentence as to chosen models, returns or Exchange for defects, will be done with unused suitcases in perfect conditions. Freight cost on client's account.

  • Deadline for exchange of goods is 07 days from the date of acquisition.





  • Not to use the washing machine in the cleaning of the Ez Grip® cases because it may cause large damage. All the Ez Grip® products line, including the suitcases, the waistcoats and the cloaks are made in Cordura® and receive water-repellent treatment. To remove the accumulated dust or sand, use a vaccumer.

  • We also recommend the use of a metal bristle scrub brush which can be found in supermarkets and are often used to clean pans and pots. The CORDURA® is really resistant therefore it is not going to be damaged by the metal bristles.

  • In addition, it is advisable to use fabric cleaning products that can be found in most of auto shops. Use it according to the labeled instructions. Any stain not removed by the vaccumer should be removed by these products.

  • The Ez Grip® Products are evidently not meant to be drowned in water, but to be exposed to rain, humidity and snow always being efficient and tough enough to keep your equipment safe.

  • Actually, if you like your soft case use it as it is, but carefully. And don't consider washing it because the stain and the dust can be easily removed by the vaccumer and the fabric cleaners mentioned above.


Congratulations, you have purchased the best equipment soft case made in Brazil.

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