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As a filmaker and photographer, Dirceu Moraes knows how hard it is to work without proper cases to transport cameras, tv monitors, batteries, tripods, cables and others accessories. Since the 80’s he works as part of TV teams filming in the USA and in Central America. As a result, he experience different and unusual work conditions. Although the international market offered some options, Brazil did not have any of the same quality.

Dirceu made the first models in 1998, after researching the market-leader international companies. He developed many models looking for the best quality and finishing, and, in 1999, he created Ez Grip®.

Now, EZ GRIP® is the market-leader company for Soft Cases in Brazil. It has clients like SONY Broadcasting, the main stations of the country, universities, ad companies, tripod manufactors and freelance professionals. There is also our fundamental partners, the official dealers SONY:
- they helped us to increase the collection of case with models for audio, lighting, video, photography and cinema
- we developed a special line to substitute hard cases for soft cases.

Our mission
To facilitate transportation, handling and preservation of all equipments and grips.
To be Easy, to be Ez Grip®.

Winefit | Malas para garrafas de vinho e tašas

Also know about WINEFIT®, our case line for wine bottles and glasses. One more exclusive line made by Ez Grip®.

Ez Grip Ú associada ABIMDE Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de
Materiais de Defesa e Segurança
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